2015 conversion factors released – time to update your reporting

Carbon Smart has once again worked with Defra and DECC to put this year’s conversion factors online via their dedicated platform http://www.ukconversionfactorscarbonsmart.co.uk/. All organisations that report their greenhouse gas emissions should use them to calculate their carbon footprint for 2015.

So what’s new for 2015?

  • A 6.5% drop in the UK electricity generation factor compared to 2014
  • For the first time, the conversion factors are based on the UK greenhouse gas inventory (GHGI) in alignment with the 2006 IPCC Guidelines for national inventories including updated fourth assessment report global warming potentials. This has caused methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) to noticeably fluctuate compared to previous years’ factors
  • Alignment of CRC reporting to the annual UK conversion factors
  • Introduction of additional refrigerant factors

With many organisations busy collecting data and conducting energy audits to ensure ESOS compliance, it’s certainly worth putting a review of the updated conversion factors on your to-do list so that your end of end of year carbon reporting and CRC submissions don’t get forgotten about.

Call us if you have any questions regarding the conversion factors and how to use them: 020 7940 8285.  

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