Suffolk Greenest County

Suffolk businesses to help county to become the country’s greenest

Businesses in Suffolk are about to enjoy the undivided attention of the Carbon Smart team as our new resource efficiency programme launches in January 2014.

Delivering substantial carbon and cost savings across the county, the programme aims to assist medium sized businesses to get their workplace and workforce in tip top condition. Medium sized businesses (50-250 FTE) are one of the carbon hotspots in Suffolk. Although they account for just 0.2% of the organisations in the county, they contribute 20% of private sector turnover and employ 20% of the private sector workforce. As such we are targeting these key contributors to the county’s emissions, and helping them to get their businesses in shape.

Carbon Smart’s consultants will design and implement solutions to save each businesses energy, reduce carbon emissions and minimise resource use at each site. Recognising that these challenges can seem daunting to businesses, our dedicated consultants will work on a one-to-one basis with each organisation to ensure that every solution is practical and can be put in place alongside business as usual. We won’t be shy; we really do roll up our sleeves and get stuck in! Where the right resource efficient solution requires investment, access to funding and finance sources will be sought. Business around Suffolk will be able to tap into over a dozen green finance and grant schemes, most of which are underutilised to date.

The scope of this programme is ambitious; we anticipate take-up of solar panels, efficiency boilers, biomass solutions, LED lighting system and greywater reclamation to be at an all time high across Suffolk by the end of the programme. Suffolk’s well known goal is to become the ‘greenest county’, and we will certainly be playing our part in getting them there!

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