Responsible supply chain

In the 21st century, the globalisation of products and services means that the impact of any business’s upstream and downstream supply chain stretches to many countries and many economic sectors. With that global reach come significant economic benefits, but also social and environmental risks and impacts. In the past, responsible businesses could focus on their own operations, but increasingly, customers, investors, regulators and communities expect businesses to take responsibility for the impact they cause throughout their supply chain operations.

Over the last decade, Carbon Smart has worked to build responsible supply chains with procurement and supply chain professionals in leading UK and international businesses.


Carbon Smart helps businesses in four ways:

  • Quantifying, understanding and communicating the social and environmental impacts of global supply chains and products
  • Building strategies to minimise the risk of modern day slavery, child labour and unsafe working environments
  • Identifying and exploiting opportunities to improve environmental performance and customer propositions
  • Building awareness and collaboration through training and communication for procurement, supply chain and sales teams

Clients have worked with us to:

  • Respond to customer, investor and regulatory pressure for supply chain sustainability in key markets
  • Prioritise action on social risk through a clear mapping of the risk of modern slavery, fatalities, low wages, inequality, child labour and other social risks in large scale global supply chains
  • Develop strategies to comply with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act for complex product based supply networks
  • Develop innovate approaches to product and supply chain carbon footprints and the reduction of environmental impact
  • Train procurement and supply chain management teams on the social and environmental impact of their work and the actions required by regulation and best practice
  • Create compelling and robust reporting of both positive and negative impacts of supply chains and the responsible action taken to improve in B2C business

Our team can help your business build a responsible approach to your supply chain: understand where the impact is highest, focus your resources on the high priority areas and develop effective strategies for responsible management and engagement.

To learn more about our services, please download the Responsible supply chain overview below or fill the form below and we will give you a call.

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