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Moving on from Climategate

About time too I’d say.  The “Climategate” affair has finally been overturned in the open media through evidence reported by a climate research team on the Berkeley Earth Project.

The original media scandal occurred in 2009 when the Climate Research Unit (CRU) team at the University of East Anglia had high profile emails between senior scientists leaked on to the internet.  In a nutshell, the email chains became an embarrassing showcase of information that supposedly demonstrated the scientific profession’s efforts to ‘manipulate’ or ‘shield’ data that may cast doubt on climate change, from the public domain.   Widely thought to be taken out of context, the email caused a media frenzy whipped up by climate sceptics.

But finally, last week the newly reported data has confirmed that global warming is indeed happening.  The Project group believe that the AMO (Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation) index- a measure of sea surface temperature in the north Atlantic, correlates the closest with fluctuations in overall temperature and has caused much of the confusion about temperature variation recently.  Their new analysis of average over land temperature, not affected strongly by the AMO, has in fact shown a steady increase of over 1°C since 1950.

The group believe anthropogenic global warming (APW) is very much “in the picture too” as contributory to global warming, an effect which Carbon Smart are working hard to help our clients alleviate. For more on this story, click here.