Biomass – a sustainable energy source for your community

Biomass is one of the most hotly contested renewable energy fuels, with many arguing over the benefits and the negative impacts of using biomass fuel. This can leave many confused as to where to stand on the topic.   Parish Councils, charities and other community groups are now eligible for grant funding to conduct a feasibility […]

Carbon Smart works with BAFTA to improve what’s ‘on the box’

Have you ever stopped to wonder what’s being done about the environmental impact of the programmes on television? The environmental impact of producing media is huge – from the fuels used, power, lights, heating and visual effects, to the emissions associated with logistics, not to mention the waste produced from catering, props and costumes. Rest […]

The benefits of the Heat Networks Regulations to tenants

The Heat Network Regulations aim to improve the quality of service being provided by heat suppliers. As such, they will require heat suppliers to install final customer meters, and to bill final customers based on actual supply, where technically and economically feasible. So why has the UK government implemented this policy and is it likely […]

Just received your CDP summons? Our top tips for scoring success in 2017

Last week, over 5,800 global companies received their annual call to action from the CDP. Over the coming months, the reporting community will gather strategic, qualitative and quantitative evidence to respond to their investors regarding environmental performance. But, how do you score well without spending every waking moment perfecting your response? Here are our top […]

Creating resilient energy supply for communities

Resilience is a key sustainability and climate adaptation concept – perhaps more closely associated with “developing countries” – concerning how we will cope with the impacts of climate change on our lives and communities. But what about resilience on your doorstep? How would you and your community cope with the impacts of climate change? Unless […]

The Heat Network Regulations are catching up with housing associations

As the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) starts to chase non-complying organisations, are housing associations about to be caught out? The Heat Network Regulations require organisations that supply heating, cooling or hot water through communal/district systems to submit a notification document to the enforcing body, install meters, and bill customers based on […]

Energy efficiency in East Sussex: the LoCASE project

As the new year kicks off, Carbon Smart is heavily involved with an exciting new project which is both boosting the South East’s economy while reducing the carbon footprint of many businesses. Low Carbon Across the South East (LoCASE) is an EU funded project, which enables SME’s to invest in energy efficiency opportunities. The LoCASE […]

Wonky vegetables: should you buy them?

Every year, approximately one third of the food produced is wasted, this is equal to 1.3 billion tonnes. Food waste is a problem not only because this food can be used to feed people, but also due to the large carbon footprint associated with food production. Food waste occurs throughout the supply chain, starting from […]