Case Study

Office Friendly Dealer’s Association: Finding a new approach to sustainable procurement certification

A new approach to certification

Carbon Smart have been working in partnership with the Office Friendly Dealer’s Association since 2009 to deliver the award winning So-Go-Eco programme.

Ofda were searching for a way to ensure their members could achieve credible external environmental certification in a straightforward, tailored manner. Carbon Smart offered, So-Go-Eco, a certification programme designed specifically for Office Friendly members as a solution. The programme would provide a more affordable and practical alternative to schemes such as ISO 14001, EMAS, BS8555 and the Carbon Trust Standard which can be burdensome for smaller businesses. Sustainability is an important criteria for many procurement officers and the So-Go-Eco enables Office friendly members to achieve their objective of showcasing their credentials. Through the certification process, So-Go-Eco helps smaller stationary providers to gain competitive advantage and make financial savings through improved resource efficiency.

Designing the certification

The So-Go-Eco programme was designed to provide a proven and recognised way for Office Friendly members to demonstrate their successful efforts to reduce carbon emissions and improve their environmental performance.

The programme not only provides certification but also supports businesses in identifying areas where they can improve their environmental performance and boost their sustainability profile by marketing their green credentials. The team at Carbon Smart ensured the So-Go-Eco programme provides a clear way to communicate to potential and existing customers the business’s commitment to environmental management.

An award winning solution that achieves impressive savings

Since its launch in 2009 the So-Go-Eco progamme has engaged with over 100 stationary providers and has been awarded the Sheffield Business Award’s Environmental Impact Award two year’s running.

To date, members taking part in the programme have saved a grand total of 600 tonnes of carbon. This equates to an average energy cost saving of 14.6%, or £124 per employee per year. The largest saving made to date was a whopping £17,468.