8 tips to making your office more eco-friendly

Often, when you think about going green, the immediate consideration is about reducing your carbon emissions. Other quick thoughts may include riding your bike more, using public transportation, being stricter with your recycling, and so on and so forth. But have you ever thought about making your office eco-friendlier? There are so many ways of […]

Clean Growth Strategy: What does it mean for businesses?

The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy has been released on 12 October, and sets out ambitious plans by the UK Government on how to accelerate clean growth, and meet national climate goals and the fifth carbon budget. The 165-page document covers policies and proposals ranging from green finance, building energy efficiency, low carbon heating, electric vehicles […]

ESOS compliance & ISO 50001 – which is the best route for you?

With ESOS Phase 2 appearing on the horizon, many businesses are beginning to consider what their most effective route to compliance is. With the three routes to compliance that were primarily used by qualifying businesses for ESOS Phase 1 expected to remain broadly similar for Phase 2, and the timeline for compliance taking anywhere up […]

Plastic packaging alternatives – what should you procure?

Plastic, one of the most useful and versatile materials, but also one of the most unsustainable and environmentally damaging. A 2016 study from the World Economic Forum states that each year, over 8 million tonnes of plastic leak into the ocean, which is equivalent to dumping the contents of one rubbish truck into the ocean every […]

Could the EU NFRD have prevented the BBC pay scandal?

In July 2017, the BBC made headline news when the sheer scale of their gender pay gap was revealed. The revelation that the top 7 earners were men, and that only a third of the top 96 earners were women, shocked many and came in for fierce criticism. After all, if gender inequality is currently […]

Could ESOS be the key to unlocking the UK’s Demand Side Response capacity?

We are currently living through a time of transition. As the world begins to go about designing and implementing the types of policy required to keep global warming below 2°C, one inevitable area of significant focus is how we are going to decarbonise our energy supply.   There are several legacy issues to be addressed, […]

Work ahead for businesses as the 2017 UK conversion factors are released

The arrival of the much-anticipated 2017 Defra UK conversion factors for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting confirms a step change in the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid and will pose a significant challenge for businesses when they disclose their emissions performance later in the year. The headline drop of 14% on the electricity consumption […]

Sustainable building: how to make your office work for you

The building you’re working in right now could be making you sick, stressed and less productive than you can be. Through some relatively straightforward design and refit actions you could dramatically increase your performance and that of your colleagues and staff.  In the UK, we spend, on average, between 80-90% of our time indoors. With […]