Could the EU NFRD have prevented the BBC pay scandal?

In July 2017, the BBC made headline news when the sheer scale of their gender pay gap was revealed. The revelation that the top 7 earners were men, and that only a third of the top 96 earners were women, shocked many and came in for fierce criticism. After all, if gender inequality is currently […]

Could ESOS be the key to unlocking the UK’s Demand Side Response capacity?

We are currently living through a time of transition. As the world begins to go about designing and implementing the types of policy required to keep global warming below 2°C, one inevitable area of significant focus is how we are going to decarbonise our energy supply.   There are several legacy issues to be addressed, […]

Work ahead for businesses as the 2017 UK conversion factors are released

The arrival of the much-anticipated 2017 Defra UK conversion factors for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting confirms a step change in the carbon intensity of the UK electricity grid and will pose a significant challenge for businesses when they disclose their emissions performance later in the year. The headline drop of 14% on the electricity consumption […]

Sustainable building: how to make your office work for you

The building you’re working in right now could be making you sick, stressed and less productive than you can be. Through some relatively straightforward design and refit actions you could dramatically increase your performance and that of your colleagues and staff.  In the UK, we spend, on average, between 80-90% of our time indoors. With […]

You’ve got the power. Now what are you going to do with it?

Demand side response is often talked and written about. Energy prices go up, climate is changing, renewable energy technologies continue to develop – will we always have electricity available when we want it? How can we as consumers control the cost and what can businesses do to secure the future of our electricity system?    […]

Life below water – on ocean acidification and the UN’s SDGs

One of the key business themes of the UN’s SDG 14 (sustainable development goals) – life below water – is ocean acidification; often termed ‘the other CO2 problem’. It is one of the most serious threats the oceans and humans are facing in this century, but as the slogan term may suggest, it is often […]

Driving the sustainability agenda through diversity

Businesses have a uniquely challenging mission when driving the sustainability agenda forward. Every organisation has a different operational model, and requires a sustainability strategy that is bespoke to the way they do business. With so much scope for debate and discussion, and the sharing of experiences and ideas, diversity and sustainability should go hand in […]

Turning targets into actions – on SDGs and volunteering

As we continue to unpick the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs), I explored the role of volunteering in meeting these ambitious targets. Volunteer groups are identified as key stakeholders in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are thought to be essential resources in achieving the vision for a fairer world. Indeed, SDG 17, […]