Plastic problem

We have a problem and a lot of plastics

The plastic mess we are in, what governments are doing and what the future holds Plastic pollution Plastic is everywhere: it is in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, it is the food we eat and in the clothes we wear. We have a plastics pollution problem, leaching into our environment and […]

Renewable energy solution Carbon Smart

2017 – UK’s greenest year to date thanks to renewables

2017 may be blacklisted in many peoples’ minds as the year of tedious Brexit negotiations, and Trump withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.  However, amid the growing scepticism and uncertainty of 2017, there is a positive to take forward into 2018 – the UK has shone through with its greenest year to […]

Reflecting upon the 2017 CDP results and preparing for the 2018 changes

We are excited to head into the new year with new developments and improvements in the CDP scoring. The much anticipated 2018 CDP questionnaires have been released and designed in a manner which makes the questionnaires more relevant to different industries and sectors and streamlines the whole reporting process for the businesses. Apart from the […]

7 simple ways companies can integrate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Sustainability means different things not just for people but also for businesses. While individual actions are always important, it’s also essential to get the large corporations and organisations involved in environmental protection and the betterment of our society. For the world to succeed, companies must integrate the sustainable development goals (SDGs) into their business strategies. […]

Everyone is talking about blockchain, so why all the hype?

When 10,000 government delegates met at COP23 to tackle climate change, the UNFCC and other sponsors brought 100 blockchain developers to Bonn with one purpose – to code for climate. From November 12-17th, developers and industry experts met at COP’s first Hackathon, Hack4Climate. During the competition, I along with developers from all over the world, formed […]

We need to talk about plastics

It seems like we can’t go a day at the moment without reading or hearing  about the devastating impact of plastics in our aquatic environment. Blue Planet 2 has shocked us all with powerful images of plastics in our oceans, Chancellor Hammond has set out plans to explore new taxing of single-use plastic, Defra is […]

8 tips to making your office more eco-friendly

Often, when you think about going green, the immediate consideration is about reducing your carbon emissions. Other quick thoughts may include riding your bike more, using public transportation, being stricter with your recycling, and so on and so forth. But have you ever thought about making your office eco-friendly? There are so many ways of […]

Clean Growth Strategy: What does it mean for businesses?

The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy has been released on 12 October, and sets out ambitious plans by the UK Government on how to accelerate clean growth, and meet national climate goals and the fifth carbon budget. The 165-page document covers policies and proposals ranging from green finance, building energy efficiency, low carbon heating, electric vehicles […]