Carbon Smart was founded in 2007, and is a well established, independent sustainability consultancy working across the environmental and social agenda with private and public sector organisations globally.

Our mission: make sustainability work.

Each business has a unique sustainability challenge – to reduce the negative impact, increase the positive impact and realise the commercial benefit of doing so. We work to find the clear, practical sustainability strategies that contribute to a better world and to the bottom line for each of our clients.

We work in four core areas:

Sustainability strategy – developing destinations, roadmaps and targets for businesses that need to respond to the changing sustainability demands of regulators, customers and investors.

Sustainability data and reporting – award winning work for major corporations and government departments to manage, interpret and report large and complex sustainability data sets.

Low carbon business – setting out the pathway to low carbon energy performance and generation, working with organisations to develop and implement energy management and renewables strategies.

Responsible supply chain – helping businesses to understand the impact of their up and downstream supply chains; focus on key risks and impacts; reduce waste, environmental damage and social harms; and enhance positive benefits to communities, markets and societies in which they operate.

Environmental policy